Bandelli Relational Intelligence Test®

Bandelli Relational Intelligence Test®

At Bandelli & Associates, we believe relational intelligence is a critical driver for leadership effectiveness. Leaders that cultivate a deeper understanding of their personal strengths, understand the talents and capabilities of others, and are able to regulate their moods and emotions tend to build the best teams and organizations.

The key to building positive and meaningful relationships in the workplace is concerted focus and effort around four key competencies. These competencies include: 

  • Establishing Rapport: The process of building sustainable relationships of mutual trust, harmony, and interpersonal understanding. Rapport is often viewed as a starting point for developing trust and influence with others by using empathy and respect to create an environment of mutual understanding.
  • Understanding Others: The ability to develop a favorable reception and opinion towards other people or situations that are different from one’s culture, background, and experiences. Research indicates that those skilled at understanding differences (e.g., age, ethnicity, gender, race, physical abilities, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, educational background, values, and interests) of other people possess higher levels of social skill and are more effective communicators and leaders.
  • Developing Trust: Developing trust involves the intention of taking a risk or exposing oneself to the actions and behaviors of another individual. It is allowing oneself to be vulnerable in a situation based on the positive expectations of another’s intentions. The development of trust has been emerging as a critical component of interpersonal relationships in social networks and organizational settings.
  • Cultivating Influence: Cultivating influence is about a leader’s ability to communicate a well devised vision of the future, build trust among colleagues, and take effective action to accomplish organizational objectives. It is about influencing without authority and inspiring people to perform above and beyond stated expectations.

In order to assess our model of relational intelligence, Bandelli & Associates have designed and developed the Bandelli Relational Intelligence Test®. This assessment tool gives leaders a deeper understanding of where they stand on each of the four preceding competencies.

The assessment inventory is completed on-line, and can be completed in 35-40 minutes. Feedback and executive coaching can be provided after completing the assessment. The inventory can also be used as part of any of our leadership development or executive assessment service offerings.