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Neal Eisenstein

Neal Eisenstein

Senior Partner

Neal delivers executive coaching, executive assessment and leadership development that builds capability and impact in the business. He works with leaders and teams who are serious about growth and the need to change. Neal brings vast experience in assessing needs and empowering clients to embrace change, powerfully. As a seasoned facilitator of talent, Neal helps clients meet and exceed challenges that limit their ability to perform, engage appropriately, manage priorities, develop new skills, accelerate performance, align execution with strategy, communicate with power and presence, and motivate teams. Neal works with senior executives—helping them to understand behavior and preferences while discovering practical new approaches to influence more effectively. These approaches range from the subtle nuance of interpersonal interaction and accountability to the more visible broad strokes of executive leadership.

Starting in sales, Neal moved up through the ranks in a variety of roles with such brands as Honeywell and Esselte Pendaflex. He knows what it means (and feels like) to be on the firing line. As a senior executive leading sales and marketing functions, he led comprehensive change management initiatives that drove innovation, reset roles, expectations and interdependencies. Neal facilitates both 1:1 executive assessment as well as executive assessment centers, designed to evaluate skills as well as readiness for future roles. Neal is wired for results and his enthusiasm rubs off on his clients, making them willing to step out of their comfort zones, take new risks, and achieve results that eclipse anything they have ever achieved before. Neal is able to quickly gain the respect and confidence of his clients by arming them with new influencing skills that are relevant and applicable to success in culture. Most importantly, he helps leaders recognize the perceptual blinders that can limit the ability to execute, reinforce trust, and strengthen the agile performance that is so crucial for success at the senior level. Improving competitive advantage for both the individual and the organization guides Neal’s style and approach.

Neal is an MCC (Master Certified Coach) and a member of the International Coach Federation. He earned an MBA from Syracuse University, an undergraduate degree from the College of New Jersey and attended Honeywell University. He is certified in a number of assessment instruments that he uses to assist clients in leveraging strengths and closing disruptive gaps.